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My wife has been insulin dependent for over 30 years. Although she is fastidious in maintaining her proper sugar levels, there have been unexpected events of low sugar. Night time was always stressful for me, for I was afraid that I would miss a low sugar event. That led to poor, relaxed sleep for me. I searched the internet to see if there was any kind of an alarm device available that would give ample warning. I came across Diabetes Sentry, purchased one, and it was outstanding. I feel it has saved my wife's life several times by alerting us to bring her sugar up. I now sleep much sounder knowing that the Diabetes Sentry is just that, a sentry. In addition, when she would be out alone, it has alerted her before taking a serious low. Diabetes Sentry has eased the stress for us both. The product is well made and reliable.

The genius of the Diabetes Sentry is its simplicity and ease of use. This device is the only truly “non-invasive” tool to record changes to the body temperature, which may be attributable to the onset of a low blood sugar reaction.

I view the Diabetes Sentry monitor as an “extension” of my regular (4-6 times per day) blood glucose-testing regime. Hence, I do not consider the Diabetes Sentry monitor to be a “replacement” of the blood glucose testing. Since I cannot test my blood sugar while I sleep, this device will activate an audible alarm so that I can wake up and test my blood glucose, to ensure it is within the normal range. It is for this reason that a Diabetes Sentry monitor should in no way replace intensive blood glucose monitoring.

I also consider the Diabetes Sentry monitor to be an adjunct of my internal warning system that my body will activate, if my blood sugar falls below a certain range. The Diabetes Sentry does provide me with a certain degree of confidence that the chances of going into diabetic shock and quite possible a diabetic coma are concerns I do not have to worry about.

If a person who chooses to utilize the Diabetes Sentry monitor into their daily regime of numerous blood glucose tests and one or more injections of insulin daily, then the Diabetes Sentry monitor may be another valuable tool that they can use effectively, in order to be able to maintain control of their diabetes.

I strongly suggest that individuals who are considering using the Diabetes Sentry monitor maintain a record of the date and time the alarm triggered and what their corresponding blood glucose test results were at the specific time. It is only through such detailed information that the consumer, their doctor and the Diabetes Sentry customer service staff can assist in the proper use and effectiveness of the monitor. If purchasers of the Diabetes Sentry monitor are unwilling to follow this simple procedure then in all likelihood they would not be a suitable candidate for this innovative product.

Another positive feature of this particular medical product is its affordability and the fact that it does not require significant resources to keep it operational. At the current price of $495.00 I believe that the cost of the Diabetes Sentry monitor is very reasonable when you consider the ongoing costa of medical products for people with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

During the 17 years that I have been using the subcutaneous programmable infusion pump I have had to purchase four insulin pumps. Since the cost of an insulin infusion pump is approximately $5,000, not to mention the additional $200.00 per month for the pump tubing, syringes and batteries. The fact that the Diabetes Sentry requires only the replacement of the batteries yearly and the watchstrap once every 2-3 years, it is still very reasonable.

Clearly, with the ever-depleting amount of funding for healthcare one would think that both private and public healthcare providers would find that the cost of the Diabetes Sentry monitor would pale in comparison to the amount of funds that are spent each year on people with complications from diabetes.

Oh My GOSH!! I am so supportive of this product. I have been using it for, I don't know, maybe 5 years or so, soon after it was put on the market and I absolutely see no other way of living my life with peace of mind without it. My husband too, who can sleep at night knowing that we will be awakened should the two symptoms of low blood sugar, perspiration or temperature reduction, occur. I love this product. I have been a diabetic for over 48 years (out of 50) and research everything out there. I've tried many devices and am not on the pump. I have a 6.0 A1C so I think I know what I'm doing. Diabetes Sentry is a simple, unique and life saving product. Please accept my highest endorsement.

My husband is considered a "brittle" diabetic and the lows seem to come when we least expect them. Your device has kept us out of the ER or him being in a diabetic coma several times and I thank you for that.

We purchased one several years ago and it was worth it's weight in gold, but it is now worn out and malfunctioning. We need this new alarm ASAP."

On one occasion, my wife who gives me a cup of orange juice when I get a nighttime insulin reaction, was unable to treat me as I was completely out of it. She called 911 and after giving me an intravenous solution I came to and was completely confused as to what was going on. After recovery I was presented with a bill for the 911 call for $435.00.

After this I purchased a Diabetes Sentry™. I have been very satisfied with it and my wife is able to sleep more restful as well. Since getting it, the alarm is loud enough to wake me up before it goes too low. I recently had a blood sugar at 49mgs.

I decided to purchase a Diabetes Sentry™ because I was experiencing insulin shock between 12-3AM where I would become unconscious approximately every other night for over a 6-month period. The Diabetes Sentry™ has saved me from serious consequences many times. The alarm goes off where I am still capable enough to help my self by drinking either milk or orange juice to increase my blood sugar from 25 to a safety level of 70-100. My body does not give me warning the blood sugar is low, so I am very thankful for the Diabetes Sentry. It is a LIFESAVER.

I have used the older version of the Diabetes Sentry™ since 1993. I am presently using the revised version since December 2001. I am happy to own the Diabetes Sentry™ because it is such a comfort to me. I no longer require the glugagon shots at night. If I have an attack due to low blood sugar the alarm awakens me in time.

I have been on insulin for 40 years. I used the old model of Diabetes Sentry™ for many years. I now have the new model. The alarm is louder than the older model. I LOVE MY Diabetes SENTRY™.

The Diabetes Sentry™ has been a Godsend for my husband. Many nights he would wake up and feel my arms or forehead to see if I was perspiring and going into a reaction. I have not had any very low blood sugars since I got it because it alarms soon enough where I can get something to eat right away.

“Thank you” doesn’t begin to convey our appreciation for your Diabetes Sentry™. After experiencing many nighttime hypoglycemia episodes, one sending me to the hospital for two days, my husband and I now rest assured that the Diabetes Sentry™ will alert us to a drop below normal in my blood sugar in time for it to be treated without a serious problem.