Product Overview

The Symptoscan

Introducing the adjustable monitoring device designed to detect the two major symptoms of hypoglycemia, an increase in perspiration and/or a decrease in skin temperature.

Product Overview

The Symptoscan device allows you to turn off the skin temperature monitor if the individuals environment interferes with this functionality. The device will keep a log of alerts and provide a download capability for review and documentation.

The Symptoscan is worn like a wristwatch. It weighs only 1.5 ounces (50 grams) and is easily secured to the wrist with a Velcro strap integrated into a case made of lightweight yet durable biocompatible plastic.

The device is powered by three commonly available type 357 button cell batteries, which last up to six months with normal usage. Operation of the device is simple and straightforward enabling persons of all ages to gain the benefits of the Symptoscan. One press of the ON/OFF button activates the device which is confirmed with 4 quick audible beeps. When the Symptoscan detects perspiration and/or temperature drop, an alarm sounds.

Ease of use is a significant aspect of the Symptoscan. Many medical products in the diabetes category require lengthy and often times confusing instructions to properly utilize the device. Difficult operation and troubleshooting limits a products appeal and adoption. The Symptoscan can be easily initiated and operated by virtually anyone without time-consuming instruction.

The Symptoscan is $495 US. No additional disposable costs negatively impact the purchase decision process, which is common with many products in the diabetes category. The Symptoscan is unique, cost effective, easy to use and fills an important void in available solutions to physicians, diabetes educators and individuals with diabetes.