• Diabetes Sentry
    Diabetes Sentry is an FDA approved, non-invasive,
    nocturnal hypoglycemia symptom alarm worn on the wrist
    that helps diabetics avoid the catastrophic consequences
    of an emergency low blood sugar event. The device monitors
    for two of the most common symptoms of hypoglycemia: an
    increase in perspiration or a decrease in skin temperature.
  • Voice of Diabetes Interview
    Audio Interview by J. Robertt Dark from The Voice of Diabetes radio show.
    Mr. Reed Vance describes how the Diabetes Sentry has greatly benefitted him.

    April, 2014
  • loved one wearing diabetes sentry
    While you sleep, Diabetes Sentry stands watch.
  • Diabetes Sensor device
    The non-invasive noctournal hypoglycemic symptom alarm.
  • The Future Cost
    of Diabetes
    The global diabetes epidemic has devastating
    human, social and economic effects. The
    largest costs of diabetes worldwide are its
    long lasting effects on families and national
    economies. The number of people around the
    world with diabetes has surged in the last two
    decades, from 30 million to 230 million, claiming
    millions of lives and taxing the ability of health
    care systems to deal with the epidemic, according
    to data from the International Diabetes Federation.
    IDF has forecasted Diabetes Cases to soar to
    435 Million by 2030.
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    Giving you some control!

The only device of its type. The only FDA approved, patented, wearable, non-invasive, sensor based Hypoglycemia symptom alarm available on the market.

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Customer Feedback

Oh My GOSH!! I am so supportive of this product. I have been using it for, I don't know, maybe 5 years or so, soon after it was put on the market and I absolutely see no other way of living my life with peace of mind without it. My husband too, who can sleep at night knowing that we will be awakened should the two symptoms of low blood sugar, perspiration or temperature reduction, occur. I love this product. I have been a diabetic for over 48 years (out of 50) and research everything out there. I've tried many devices and am not on the pump. I have a 6.0 A1C so I think I know what I'm doing. Diabetes Sentry, is a simple, unique and life saving product. Please accept my highest endorsement.
On one occasion, my wife who gives me a cup of orange juice when I get a nighttime insulin reaction, was unable to treat me as I was completely out of it. She called 911 and after giving me an intravenous solution I came to and was completely confused as to what was going on. After recovery I was presented with a bill for the 911 call for $435.00.
I decided to purchase a Diabetes Sentry™ because I was experiencing insulin shock between 12-3AM where I would become unconscious approximately every other night for over a 6-month period. The Diabetes Sentry™ has saved me from serious consequences many times. The alarm goes off where I am still capable enough to help my self by drinking either milk or orange juice to increase my blood sugar from 25 to a safety level of 70-100. My body does not give me warning the blood sugar is low, so I am very thankful for the Sleep Sentry™. It is a LIFESAVER.
I have used the older version of the Diabetes Sentry™ since 1993. I am presently using the revised version since December 2001. I am happy to own the Diabetes Sentry™ because it is such a comfort to me. I no longer require the glugagon shots at night. If I have an attack due to low blood sugar the alarm awakens me in time.

For Whom Is The Diabetes Sentry Best Suited?

The DIABETES SENTRY is an affordable, non-invasive, wearable electronic device which sounds an alarm while being worn on the wrist, ankle, or bicep of persons with diabetes whose blood glucose has begun to trend downward. In 90% of the cases, persons with diabetes show one or both of two hallmark symptoms of trending toward hypoglycemia, increased perspiration and a drop in skin temperature. This patient base is considered to be symptomatic. The 10% of individuals with diabetes that do NOT demonstrate either or both of these two symptoms are called asymptomatic and commonly referred to as “hypoglycemia unawares”. This small population should not use the device since an alarm will NOT sound in the absence of these symptoms.

The symptoms may present, based on the individual’s unique biochemistry, at any blood glucose reading but not unless the blood glucose levels are dropping. A subject
who has experienced the alarm must then take his blood glucose reading to determine if in fact it has dropped low enough to take treatment measures. In many cases, the alarm will sound when the blood glucose levels are not low but if the alarm has sounded the levels are dropping and the symptoms have presented. Obviously the prudent subject is then put on notice by the device that the blood glucose is trending toward hypoglycemia.

The Diabetes Sentry is an ideal solution for those individuals not requiring the expense and complications of a continuous glucose monitoring system as well as a great companion for individuals wearing a continuous glucose monitor because it provides an additional warning to complement the benefits of wearing the much more expensive system and should NOT be considered to be an alternative.

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